Useful Links and Phone Numbers

Water advisories - and then click on "current water quality advisories" at the top of the right column.

For information about marine debris removal visit: To report marine debris too large to move by hand, call: (808) 587-0405, and e-mail any photos to and Please activate the locator on your phone when taking a picture; this will help in locating the debris and accelerate the removal process.

Rules on fishing gear restrictions: Note: All nets must be registered.

To report marine mammal or sea turtle disturbance or violation please call the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement Hotline: 1-800-853-1974 and then call DLNR, Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) statewide hotline: 643-DLNR (3567).

Marine Animal Hotline: 1-888-256-9840

Shearwaters and other injured protected birds: If you find a distressed bird, put it in a covered, ventilated box and take it to Sea Life Park or to Feather and Fur Animal Hospital in Aikahi. Otherwise call Hawaii Wildlife Center at 808-884-5000. See or Information on Shearwater fallout season -

Developed by tip411, the DLNRTip app is an innovative program that encourages people to provide DOCARE with factual information leading to the arrest of anyone who poaches or harasses protected wildlife species, pollutes, or violates any State conservation resources rules. DLNRTip is available for download for free via the Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, or by visiting the DOCARE website at



Traffic and Parking violations, call 911 and ask for police non-emergency.

Large Rubbish call: Roads Division Kailua 262-4346

Check out reports of crime in our area, Visit, enter your zip code (Kailua is 96734) and sign up for alerts.