Local Information

Aloha Kakou!

We hope that the information in this section will be helpful to members of our community, both residents and visitors.

Lanikai is a tiny residential community on the windward side of the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. Unlike bigger beaches in Hawaiʻi, Lanikai beach is not a beach park, so there are no parking lots, rest rooms, concession stands or other public facilities. Street parking is very limited, and during holiday weekends parking is prohibited on all Lanikai streets. There is never parking on the side of the "loop" that includes the bike path, and police enforcement and towing is strict, because parking congestion can interfere with emergency equipment. Many visitors avoid traffic problems by taking the city bus, or by parking in nearby Kailua Beach Park (which does have public facilities) and walking in to Lanikai.

While the beach is public, all the adjacent land is private residences; there are no hotels in the area. To give visitors access to the beach, the community has provided numerous access points. As you walk in to Lanikai from Kailua, please use the sidewalk on the makai, or ocean side of the street. As you continue walking, you'll see signs at each right of way. Because of sand movements over the years, many of these rights of way don't allow you to actually reach the beach. Check the signs for information.

Learn how Lanikai and our community has changed over the years.

As part of our kuleana to our ʻaina—to preserve and protect it, from the mountain to the sea—we monitor the effects of overuse on the world-famous Kaʻiwa trail, popularly known as the Lanikai Pillbox Trail. Over the years, tens of thousands of hikers have made the steep climb, and the fragile trail has been damaged and become dangerous in places. There are frequent accidents, many of which require the HFD helicopter to rescue hikers. Please wear sturdy shoes, bring water, and be aware of the risks. Most of all, please stay on the trail!


are extremely rare, but when they happen they can be very dangerous. Lanikai is in a tsunami zone, so be aware of evacuation routes in the event that a tsunami warning siren sounds. If you rent out your home, please inform and prepare your renters so they are not a burden to the neighbors or rescue personnel. Click on the following link for the updated tsunami maps.


Reef-safe Sunscreens

Please be respectful of the fragile reef, endangered ocean wildlife, and private property. More information on reef-safe sunscreen for the reef can be found here.

Windward Oahu Tourism Assessment

Currently a study is underway to study the effects of tourism on the Windward side called the Windward Oahu Tourism Assessment. (Now we need a study for the effects of the LACK of tourism on the Windward side.!)

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