Renting Lanikai Park

Renting Lanikai Community Park

In order to rent the park, you must be a Resident Association member.

For park rental inquires, please go to the Community Calendar to choose an available date then read over all contracts, rules, and questionnaires. Text Janny Gibson at 808-222-4614 to confirm the available date.

Once the date has been confirmed available, please print, fill, and sign contracts, rules, and questionnaires, if applicable. After choosing the requested rental hours, write two checks to Lanikai Association: 1) a rental fee check and 2) a deposit fee check. The rental fee check will assure your reservation is held. The deposit check will be held until after the successful event and will be shredded or voided if everything is left in good condition. Please send the completed contracts & checks to Janny Gibson at 117 Mokumanu Drive Kailua, HI 96734.

Lanikai Park Rules - Must read and agree to these rules in order to rent.
Please ensure you review the parking map for your park rental function. View parking map here
Recurring Use Questionnaire - Read and complete for requesting the park on a recurring basis.
Recurring Use Rental - Recurring basis rental form.
One-time Use Parking - One-time parking form.
One-time Use Rental - One-time use function rental form