Leadership Contact Information

For questions to the Board or issues to be addressed please write to:


or mail to:

Lanikai Association P.O. Box 481

Kailua, HI 96734


Thomas Cestare cestare@hawaii.rr.com

Vice President

Steve Proctor sproctor@hawaii.rr.com

Second Vice President


Susan King susan_paulking@msn.com

Non Board members:


Dick Hagstrom rehagstrom@aol.com

Park Events Coordinator

Janny Gibson jannygibson@gmail.com 808-222-4614

Lanikite Editor

Bobbie Conlan rconlan@edigraphics.com

Membership Chair

Hoppy Smith lanikai.assn.membership@gmail.com

Park Manager

Lee Bell jkbell007@gmail.com 808-497-6546

Board Members

Lois Crozer

Marya Grambs

Jim Bersson

Ann Dewey

Chris Winn

Elizabeth Madin

Mike Groza

Monique Rice

Voted on by Board during 8/3 meeting due to Covid postponing Annual Meeting:

Barbara North

Kirsten Oleson