About the Lanikai Association

Since its establishment in 1927, the Lanikai Association has worked to enhance and protect the unique quality of life and character of our beachside community on the Windward side of Oahu for residents, kamaʻaina, and visitors.  Learn more about our Association or apply for membership, check out the community calendar to see what's coming up or to find an open date for renting Lanikai Park, and get details about our popular Christmas Craft Fair.


The Association owns and maintains the Lanikai Community Park, which may be rented for birthday parties, weddings and other gatherings. Association members qualify for discounted rental rates. Details on renting the park can be found here.

Along with rentals, our private park is used for soccer, softball, basketball, volleyball, and picnics. The fenced children's playground area includes swings, slides, and other equipment. NOTE: There are no dogs allowed in the playground area at any time, and this is now being strictly enforced.

The park is also home base for the Lanikai Canoe Club, which is open to any interested paddler.

There are 11 beach rights-of-way in Lanikai which are all normally open to the public. The Association maintains eight of these, and three are maintained by the City & County of Honolulu, which also provides trash pickup at those locations.

The Association sponsors

    • the annual Craft Fair, which was started more than 20 years ago to raise money to help cover operating costs for the park facilities and now draws a large attendance of both vendors and customers from all over the island;

    • the Keiki Christmas Party; and

    • the New Yearʻs Day Woe's Parade and Breakfast.

All funds collected support the work of the Lanikai Association.

The Lanikai Association is made up of homeowners and other residents of Lanikai. Non-residents, including businesses, may join as Associate Members, but may not vote or hold office. Our Association is not government funded and relies on its members and supporters to continue our work. Click to join or make a donation.

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership in accordance with our by-laws. Lanikai Association Board Meetings are held at the park on the first Monday of the month at 7 PM. If that day is a holiday, the meeting is held on the following Monday. All meetings are open to the public and sometimes feature speakers of local interest.

Our digital newsletter, The Lanikite, helps keep our community informed. Click to explore past issues.

Traffic and Parking

Traffic and parking congestion have increasingly compromised both our safety and our quality of life. By working with the City & County and the State over the course of several years, the Association was able to institute effective measures to relieve this situation. Among the changes put in place were a ban on parking on the bike lane side of the one-way loop in and out of Lanikai, the creation of a traffic circle at Kalapawai Market, and a complete street parking ban during three-day weekends and during the Covid lockdowns.

Learn how Lanikai and our community has changed over the years.

Malama Kaohao/Makai Watch

If you wish to join in discussions about how to protect our Bay, please reply to info@lanikaiassociation.com and write why you are concerned.

Click to see the Makai Watch Brief

Read about our Association's effort to break free from plastic! We have utensils for sale. Contact the Lanikai Association at lanikaiassociation@gmail.com for more information. Let's all do our part.

Mahalo for your Support

The goals articulated over a half century ago by the original founders of the Lanikai Association remain relevant today:

  • Maintaining Lanikai's unique quality of life for all residents.

  • Controlling the impact of tourist-oriented commercial activities on the residential quality of life in Lanikai.

  • Developing creative solutions to the problems caused by tourism and excessive development, both commercial and residential; also, advancing the common interests of residents, property owners, and businesses consistent with Lanikai's residential character.

  • Preserving Lanikai's architectural and village character.

  • Protecting Lanikai's environment and its open space resources.

As it continues to pursue these goals, the Association will remain a positive, responsible force for the preservation and protection of our neighborhood and the residential values of Lanikai.