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Lanikai Transportation Management Plan - (Resolution 22-125)

The plan, adopted by the City Council, has DTS looking into how to relieve traffic congestion in Lanikai, improve access to first responders and overall roadway safety, provide ease of access to Lanikai Beach, and provide reasonable and appropriate parking controls for Lanikai residents and Lanikai Beach users. It will include an assessment that evaluates the feasibility of potential options, including, but not limited to, additional parking restrictions, off-street and off-site parking solutions, improved transit options, and improved multi-modal access opportunities.

The Ka'iwa Ridge Trail (Pillbox) draft environmental assessment is now complete. See here. The draft management plan is being worked on now. Access the draft here.

If you have questions regarding parking rules, check out the Revised Rules of Honolulu (ROH) Chapter 15-14.1. Page 41 There is no parking 10 feet from a fire hydrant, 4 feet from a driveway, no parking on a corner, and 30 feet approaching a STOP sign.

Specific to Kaiolena one way: Parallel parking only facing makai (the ocean), you may park on the unimproved sidewalk area (dirt) OR the road providing one leaves 3 feet inside the yellow line so that a wheelchair can pass.

Note: There a rule for no parking on unimproved sidewalks BUT that rule will NOT be enforced here in Lanikai because it isn’t enforced anywhere on the island.

  • Lanikai Park : Dogs are strictly forbidden anywhere in the park at this time.

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