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Operation ID -- How to inventory your property

The Honolulu Police Department conducts the Operation Identification Program as a service to the citizens of Honolulu. This program helps to take the profit out of burglaries and other thefts by making the stolen property easier to identify and harder to sell.

Burglars and other thieves thrive on stolen property which can be easily sold because it cannot be properly identified. Recovered property that lacks personalized identification cannot be traced and returned to the owner, and it is difficult to introduce as evidence.

Use an electric engraver to mark your favorite numbers, dates, or initials on all of your valuable property including guns, radios, cameras, tape recorders, tape decks, kitchen appliances, tools, lawn mowers, and stereos -- anything you feel has a value.

How can you participate in this program?

It's as simple as engraving favorite numbers, dates, or initials on your valuable property and making an inventory list. Then you place the provided decals in conspicuous areas to let any would-be prowlers in your neighborhood know that you have marked your valuables and are a participant in Operation Identification.

This program greatly increase the risk criminals must take to steal your property.

Markable property

Engrave your number in a place where it can be observed easily. Make your number as large as possible, and paint over the grooves you make with fingernail polish or correction fluid to make the markings more visible.

Engravers may be borrowed from the Honolulu Police Department's Community Affairs Division.

Unmarkable property

If the property is unmarkable, such as antiques, jewelry, silver, artwork, etc., you should photograph or videotape it.


When inventorying and marking property, use a systematic approach. Take one room at a time. As the property is marked or photographed, enter it on your inventory list.

A detailed inventory list will aid you, your insurance company, and the Police Department in establishing your losses and recovering your property. The inventory is yours to keep. DO NOT send a copy to the Police Department when you have been victimized. Make several copies of the completed inventory list and keep them in a safe place.

Identification of stolen property

If your engraved valuables are stolen you have a better chance of recovering them. When an officer locates suspected stolen property a computer check of the identification number is made. Items marked with the Operation I.D. Program help to locate the owner who will be immediately notified.

Suggested inventory list

You can create your own list, obtain an inventory form from our Community Affairs Section.  Keep your list of your personal property in a safe place.    Print this  FORM.

Operation ID decals

After the marking has been completed, contact the Community Affairs Division of the Honolulu Police Department to obtain Operation I.D. decals.

Place the decals in conspicuous areas, visible to any would-be prowlers in your neighborhood.