Traffic Forum News

Below is the progress status of the Lanikai Association initiatives:

      Increasing fines for parking in the bike lane: completed and implemented;
      No Parking icons painted on the bike lane pavement: completed;
      "No Parking Here to Corner" signs at select, (4), intersections;
      No Parking signs on the bike lane side of the loop.

Both DTS’ and our own studies show that by far the greatest cause of congestion for traffic leaving Lanikai is the vehicular traffic turning left at Kalapawai on to Kailua Road headed toward Kailua town.  DTS’ plan creates what is effectively a designated left turn stacking lane with a free flowing right lane for cars wanting to go straight.  The DTS models project that this change should go a long way toward alleviating the Kalapawai bottleneck.  This plan requires minimal infrastructure improvement changes, which means the plan could be implemented with minimal cost and within a relatively short period of time...but its still government time.