Suspicious Drug Activities

Reporting Suspicious Activity

What can I do if I suspect someone is dealing drugs in my neighborhood?

Do not confront a suspected drug dealer or user.

People under the influence of a narcotic can suffer from hallucination, paranoia, and other adverse reactions from drug uses.

If confronted by a drug dealer or user contact 911 immediately.

If you suspect someone is dealing drugs in your neighborhood you can call the Narcotics Vice Division at 529-3101 and ask to file a complaint.

Information needed to help investigators with your complaint include:

  1. Location: Exact address (if possible) or description of location.

  2. Suspects: Names - full names, any personal information will help.

  3. Description: Height, weight , hair color, eye color, complexion, type of clothing usually worn, ethnic background.

  4. Vehicles: License plate numbers (Hawaii, California, etc.) of any vehicles used by the suspects, description of the vehicles (color, 2 or 4 doors, etc.).

  5. Drugs: Type of drug that you believe is being sold or used.

  6. Activity: What type of activity is happening to make you believe that possible drug dealing is occurring.

    • Vehicles coming and going at all hours
    • Loud parties all the time
    • People coming and going frequently

  7. Date & Time: Note the time that the illegal activity is occurring. (Try to be accurate. Example: During the morning hours between 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. This help the investigator.)

  8. Contact number: Complaints can be made anonymously, but a name and contact number can help the investigator greatly. All information is kept confidential.

To make anonymous online report: Click Here

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