Ka'ohao - Joining Together!

What's in a name?
The old Hawaiian name for Lanikai was Ka'ohao.  It means "tying together" or "joining together."  We're joining together: young and old, residents and visitors, environment and community, through shared values and shared goals.

Some people feel that Lanikai should change its name back to the original name.  Keith Haugen writes:

Lanikai is the incorrect name given the area by someone who didn't understand Hawaiian and who probably didn't know that the area had a real Hawaiian name. (We are certain that whoever did that meant Kailani anyway, since modifiers always follow nouns in Hawaiian and Lanikai is a mistake.)

I'm told that some developer (in the 1920s) changed it from Ka'ohao to Lanikai, thinking the new name meant "heavenly sea." As it is written, it means "sea heaven.